Human Futures at L'Oréal

Whilst at Cannes we were able to attend the three day event that L’Oréal had staged for their top leaders in marketing - who were incredibly smart and engaged. We presented the closing to the three days and bought together key themes, which attendees described as ‘truly visionary’

In a presentation entitled ‘How Human is the Future?’ we challenged the application of new technologies to the ideas of beauty, gender and identity, all important areas for a company like L’Oréal. You can see a summary of the ideas and themes we covered in the illustration that they kindly forwarded to us - it is the main image in the blogpost here. We are looking forward to the future of L’Oréal as it faces the ‘future of the face’.

If you would like a visionary closing or opening keynote presentation, do get in touch.

The Future of Creativity

The Cannes Lions Festival was adorned with banners all along Le Croisette displaying the message “The Future of Creativity”. The whole festival this year was more future-facing than in the past and even had a future gazers track of presentations. Tracey was lucky enough to be a Jury President, for the inaugural Creative Strategy Lion and 848 submissions across 57 countries later the Jury awarded 22 Lions for strategic brilliance.

You can read Tracey’s summary here

The Future of Media

In their 30th Anniversary year, Sky commissioned us to investigate the future of media. Using horizon scanning, desk research and consumer research as well as industry expert opinion we analysed the emerging trends and exciting developments in media. Taking a 20 year time horizon we identified near to far future trends influencing broadcast media in developed markets, concluding with FIVE DIMENSIONS FOR FUTURE MEDIA. You can read the exec summary and the full report here on the Sky website, and learn more about the five dimensions:

Immersive Entertainment

Innovative Interfaces

Trusted Sources

Smart Environments

Empathetic Media

And you can read more here.

Thanks to Karli-Jade Fontiverio-Hylton for the research and James Maiki for the videography.

Thank you to our client @SkyCorporate and here’s to the next 30 years!

China's Modern Advertising

This week, Modern Advertising in China ran an interview with Tracey covering her role as Jury President for the Creative Strategy Lion and Reach Ambassador at the Festival. Thank you to Modern Advertising for such great coverage and for the additional interest in how strategic foresight works, the benefits for global clients and what we do at Futuremade. If you are fluent in Mandarin, then you can read on here

Disruption in the Boardroom; AI and the Future Consumer

EY and Marmalade Film and Media were kind enough ask me to host and present a short film on the Future of AI for Consumer Products and Retail. We interviewed a number of very impressive entrepreneurs, advisors and board directors and the result is this film here. We were lucky enough to spend time with the pioneering founder of Dressipi, Sarah McVittie., Jan Babiak, a non-exec director who sits on many globally renowned boards including Walgreens in the US, and Cathy Cobey, Global Trusted AI Advisory Lead at EY. We talked about having a data strategy for AI, developing the right ethical policy and approach and the importance of diversity in times of transformation. Lots of advice in here for Boards on how to embrace the disruptive opportunities that AI can bring….

What a Year

As 2018 draws to a close, we at Futuremade are looking back at a busy and futures-packed 12 months. We carried out consultancy projects and workshops for Diageo, Atrium, Wired, Contact Engine and Virgin. We collaborated with WSJ and Kantar Consulting on projects for LG and Ikea. We are currently in the midst of several other brands’ projects, aiming for completion early next year. We spoke at a huge number of events including IAB’s Digital Britain, Farfetch’s 10th Anniversary Gathering, TBD Conference, Connect, Sky’s Tech Summit, MRG’s conference, Zappistore, Universal, Futurebook Live and we moderated a panel discussion on the future of advertising at CogX’s festival of AI. Tracey served as President on the Innovation and Creative Data juries at Eurobest, served on the Cannes Lions Innovation Jury in the summer and wrote about futures for Mediatel all through the year. To top off the year, catch us on Business Matters predictions for 2019 on the BBC’s World Service next week. Thank you to all our clients and everyone we’ve worked with throughout the year, we have loved working with you and helping to make your futures successful and sustainable. We wish you all long-term happiness and success for 2019 and beyond! See you next year.

Sky Tech Summit 2018

We had a presence alongside Rana el Kaliouby, Christian Hernandez, and Jamie West, Deputy MD, Sky Media in a panel discussion at the recent Tech Summit. Rana is a PhD and co-founder/CEO of Affectiva, a pioneer in Emotion AI. She believes emotional AI is the next frontier of Artificial Intelligence. We had a fascinating discussion about how brands were using AI and how important ethics would be in its application and implementation for consumers. Superbly moderated by Sky’s Anna Jones, the consensus was that full regulation is probably not on the near horizon but that industry standards need to be adopted asap. You can see some of the videos, presentations and panels soon on the Sky site here.

The Future of Luxury

We were honoured to be asked to deliver the keynote presentation for the Farfetch Gathering last month. Over 2,500 Farfetch employees gathered in Porto to celebrate 10 years of revolutionising luxury online. José Neves gave an inspirational speech which included the highlights of the last decade, and Tracey gave a future facing presentation about what lies ahead. A wonderful celebration of a truly disruptive business. We should all take away the innovation challenge encompassed in the Farfetch mantra: Do What's Never Been Done 

*the image above is the view in rehearsals, the presentation stage at the event 

IAB & The Future of Marketing

Tracey has been speaking and consulting a lot on the Future of Marketing. Seemingly there is a perfect storm of AI, Blockchain and GDPR gathering, that is a cause for consternation and opportunity for marketeers. One of the most recent talks she gave was in Manchester at IAB's Digital Britain. She talked about how we need to shift from the mindset of Information Technology to the mindset of Information Biology. There is a nice summary of all of the speakers here in a roundup of the day via the IAB podcast series: episode 9

The Year Ahead

Tracey's piece on the Year Ahead for Culture in Campaign. She forsees increased debate and discussion around the ethicality of brands, businesses and technology  - and their responsibilities in society. Also the new question on the horizon that everyone will be asking is: what is real? In a world of increasing artificiality, anonymity and virtuality how will we know what and who is real? You can read the full piece here

Keynote presentations around the UK

A busy ten days. Futuremade spoke at The Annual Hotels Conference in Manchester, delivered the closing keynote on the Future of the Customer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Digital Summit, and delivered the opening keynote at the Internet Advertising Bureau's annual conference, Engage. 

We had some great feedback: "an incredible talk about future tech", "session of the day" and "mind-blowing".  

"Great to spend a day at CIMDigital but even better to spend 30 minutes in the future with @traceyfutures" 

We would be happy to chat to you about your next event: contact

Futuremade media appearances on AI

Tracey did a series of media appearances to explain Virgin's latest research on the UK's attitudes to AI. The findings showed that those who had seen science fiction films about AI were twice as likely to be very worried about the impact of AI, and that most people were not keen on Ai replacing human jobs (though healthcare, legal services and taxi services are the most likely to be seen as positive uses for AI). Some of the interviews are here and here.